In my recent post Online health summits – what’s the buzz?, I wrote about online health summits and why I decided to share them here on Backcountry Paleo. In that post, I also explain how these online summits work – so if you’ve been reluctant to check them out, read my post and ask questions if you like.

Here’s an upcoming online summit I’m excited to attend:

The 2017 Healing Hashimoto’s Summit on November 6-13 is a sequel to the 2016 Hashimoto’s summit. Last year they focused on diagnosis and testing for Hashimoto’s, and received great reviews from viewers. This year’s event has information about diagnosis and treatment, but is largely about the importance of physical, mental and emotional healing on the path to wellness.

Healing Hashimoto's Summit 2017Why? Many with chronic illness struggle to cope not only with symptoms, but also with:

  • Lack of emotional support
  • Increased family tension
  • Difficult patient-doctor relationships
  • Health-related workplace stress
  • Lost friendships
  • Difficulty sticking to dietary protocols
  • Social isolation

Hashimoto’s symptoms are tough enough to cope with. It’s even harder to recover when you face these added challenges.

Most summits are oriented for the patient… this one has a lot of info for family and friends of patients, too. It’s all about support systems, and building the mental and emotional foundations for supporting the body in healing.

If you’re curious about the summit, click on the image to check out the lineup of speakers and topics. No sign-up or email submission required to view that info. You can attend the entire summit free from November 6 through 13 before deciding if you want to buy in (more details on how that works, over on my aforementioned Online health summits – what’s the buzz? post).

I hope you’ll take advantage of this summit. I’ll be watching it! I know a number of these speakers personally and from blogging. I work for one of them (nope, not disclosing, but he’s amazing and is truly dedicated to research and helping patients), and I can say this is going to be a great set of talks! And yes this is an affiliate connection for me; I get a spiff if you sign up for the paid membership, but it doesn’t change your cost.

Please give a shout in the comments if you have any questions. Better here than via my contact page – no doubt others have the same question, and they can learn from my answer below. There are no stupid questions! See you on the summit… summit… get it? Okay, not sorry, had to 😉

Healing Hashimoto's Summit 2017