Today the sun is shining. If you’ve never lived through a winter in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll have no idea how rad that is. A sunny day in January makes you feel like Frodo coming out of Mordor after his ordeal in the mountain. There IS life! It was all a dream! Okay, I wander… but really, that’s how it feels.

In other good news today, I have an article posting over on the Autoimmune Paleo website, called Eight Key Lifestyle Habits to Support Adrenal Healing.

Having experienced severe adrenal fatigue myself, and healed from it, I love to share about keeping these much-abused glands strong and healthy. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check out the article, it gives some background on these very overworked glands that sit at the center of our hormone production and stress response.

If you push your body hard, and/or live with any chronic stress (or, as I like to say it, if you ever leave the house…), at some point you have probably experienced some level of adrenal fatigue – it doesn’t take being subject to chronic illness to have it, so you paleo fanatics who aren’t here for the autoimmune action, take note. The article talks about good lifestyle habits for assuring your adrenals have the best health and power to deal with whatever stress you put on your body – whether it’s a big new job, a mean CrossFit workout, that mountain you finally summited, or your wedding day.

Many people have symptoms of struggling adrenals (do you get that daily afternoon crash? chronic insomnia? can’t handle exercise like you used to? dizzy every time you stand up?), yet don’t know the cause or how to deal with it. For most people, embracing certain lifestyle habits and perhaps a bit of herbal support is all that’s needed to bring the adrenals back from the pit of despair (yes. i’m a mad Princess Bride fan).

Check out my article over on Autoimmune-Paleo if you want to find out more!

The Autoimmune Paleo website has recently undergone a big change, with Angie Alt (of Alt-ternative Autoimmune) joining Mickey Trescott, combining their blogging superpowers into one neat, amazing package! Here’s a quote from Mickey, announcing the new website mission:

“Our hope is to build a community where anyone suffering with chronic illness can seek wellness and feel supported by a wide variety of resources specific to the healing journey… What can you expect in this new space? Well, Angie and I will be posting both articles and recipes like we have been on our own blogs, just now together on the same website. In addition, we will be running posts from our six contributors–two who focus on articles, and four on recipes. In addition to a larger volume of recipes and articles, we will be sharing reader stories, connecting you with your local communities, and introducing you to more resources around the AIP [Autoimmune Protocol] community. Instead of the usual 1 post per week rhythm I have been able to keep up for the past couple of years, you will find 3-4 high-quality posts per week, all focused on the Autoimmune Protocol.”

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be a regular contributor, and I’m excited to see how this new hub for information will help members of the autoimmune community unite, become more empowered and find the resources they need for living well. Here’s to your health!